Steuergestaltung GmbH

Tax structuring: The best options for large & small GmbHs

What tax structuring options do you have as a limited liability company (GmbH) owner? Does optimization only make sense for large companies with profits in the millions? Or can smaller GmbHs also reduce their tax burden? After more than 15 years working as a tax consultant in Hamburg, I know the uncertainties that many entrepreneurs have about […]


Tax fraud: How quickly overly aggressive tax structuring measures can land you in jail

Do you really know which tax structuring measures are permissible and at what point they become tax fraud? Are there any precise regulations regarding this, or is much of it left to the discretion of the tax officials? Are you uncertain about these questions and have therefore been reluctant to introduce tax structuring measures? I […]


Business wills: Four cornerstones to get it right

Are you a company owner and considering whether you should draw up a business will to protect your partners and heirs in the event of your death? Is this really worthwhile or is drawing up a business will an unnecessary expense? My short answer: Yes, every company owner needs a business will. This is the only way […]

Auto als Sachwert

Knowledge for owners of limited liability companies (GmbH): What you have to watch out for when considering cars

You have just founded a GmbH and are wondering whether you should transfer your private car to your GmbH? Are there any tax benefits you can claim here or is this a “tax trap” that you need to avoid? My short answer: When transferring your own car to the GmbH, the disadvantages usually outweigh the advantages. […]

Legal forms for freelancers: Sole proprietorship or GmbH?

What legal form is preferable for freelancers: a limited liability company (GmbH) or a sole proprietorship? What are the arguments for and against the respective legal forms? Let me tell you in advance: Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer for everybody. It actually depends on your personal requirements: Do you want to minimize your administrative burden, […]