Option model for partnerships: 7 reasons that speak against it

You are the proprietor of an oHG (general partnership), KG (limited partnership) or GmbH & Co. KG (limited partnership with a GmbH as general partner) and are looking for ways to optimize the high tax burden on your profits? For exactly this purpose, the option model for partnerships was adopted at the end of May. In […]


Failure to file for insolvency in good time: These are the fines and penalties you could be facing as a managing director

In one out of three cases of insolvency, the managing director fails to file the request for insolvency in good time (often unintentionally). The consequences can be devastating: as the managing director you are personally liable, and in the worst case you may even end up in prison. But when do you have to file for […]


GmbH-Vorratsgesellschaft: 2 situations in which a shelf company makes sense

You are the sole proprietor of a company and are considering whether to convert your business into a GmbH or a GmbH & Co. KG? You have already gathered information about different formation scenarios and thereby came across the “GmbH-Vorratsgesellschaft”? However, does the acquisition of such company really make sense, or is it just a […]

Gewerbesteuer: Was steckt wirklich dahinter?

Trade tax – what is it exactly? How can you pay less?

Does the profit you make every year shrink because part of it falls victim to trade tax? What exactly is this tax? And are there ways to cut how much trade tax you pay? Although (almost) all of my clients pay it, many entrepreneurs do not know what the purpose of trade tax is and […]

Knowledge for entrepreneurs: What is a GmbH Sachgründung (incorporating a limited liability company by non-cash capital contribution)? Risk or opportunity?

Do you currently lack the necessary cash to convert your sole proprietorship into a GmbH limited liability company? But you do have assets, such as land, shareholdings or even cars that you could contribute to your new company? Then the so-called GmbH Sachgründung could be a real option for you. Incorporating a limited liability company […]