Crypto Mining Tax Advisor

Reduce taxes, avoid penalties & build long-term wealth

  • Crypto Mining Tax Advisor

    Reduce taxes, avoid penalties & build long-term wealth

How is crypto mining taxed?

Crypto mining for profit is always considered as a commercial enterprise. That means: you have to pay income and trade tax on your profits.

Your mining profits are taxable from the moment they are first converted into “real” currency (euros, dollars, etc.). Crypto mining, on the other hand, is not subject to VAT. Therefore, you cannot normally claim any input tax deductions.

This is how you benefit from a specialized crypto mining tax advisor

You have access to proven knowledge gained from practical experience
I have already assisted several crypto mining companies and am one of the few tax advisors in Germany who can assist you worldwide in this area.

You secure all tax advantages at an early stage
Through clever planning, you reduce your tax burden and also benefit from input tax deduction thanks to a well thought-out company structure.

Your company is prepared for a possible sale
I will implement the best company structure right from the start if you are thinking about selling your company in the future. If we do this, the sale will be taxed at just 1.5%.

Protecting you and your family in the best possible way
I implement an “emergency kit” for almost all clients (last will and testament, provisions in the articles of association, general power of attorney and living will)  in order to ensure the best possible emergency contingency for you.

How do I structure my consultancy sessions?

We have established a three-phase model in our consultancy practice. It is important for you to know that all phases are independent of each other. After the end of the first phase we do not automatically proceed with the second phase. Instead you can decide whether you wish to continue with our cooperation.

Phase 1: We analyze your situation and propose possible solutions

We will jointly analyze your situation in order to find out how you can best optimize your tax burden and achieve additional objectives at the same time (retirement provision, preparing for a sale, etc.). Initially we will provide you with a list of questions regarding your company, your income and your family situation. In a personal meeting, we will propose possible solutions to you taking into consideration the answers you have provided to these questions (creating a holding structure, corporate transformation, etc). In addition, we will provide you with an approximate cost-benefit assessment.

Phase 2: We prepare detailed solution proposals

This phase is dedicated to gradually preparing all the required documents for the issues most crucial to you. We provide you with all the contracts including the tax-related wording that you require to implement your tax strategy at the end of the second phase.

Phase 3: We implement the solutions on your behalf

In the final phase, we and our partners (from our network of renowned lawyers and notaries) put the strategy into action. After this final phase, your company will be ideally positioned to meet your targets.

Case study: The solution I proposed to Smart IT

Smart IT is a company that sells high-quality crypto mining investments suitable for both first-time investors and established mining companies. The managing director Christian Behrens asked me to help him reduce current taxes and to prepare the company for an IPO.

Gradually, the following issues were added to the initial scenario:

  • Creating a comprehensive holding structure
  • Incorporating a subsidiary in Hong Kong
  • Opening an account with a private bank
  • Preparing the expansion to Switzerland
  • Setting up a tax strategy for solar villages in Senegal

In addition to all these goals, we were able to gain the following advantages for Smart IT:

  • Ensuring full input tax deduction
  • Limiting current taxes to 30%
  • Succession planning as required incl. an “emergency kit”
  • Preparing the company for the IPO without triggering back taxes
  • Introducing a tax CMS to ensure release from liability and legal compliance

How you benefit from working with Steuerberatung Breit

  • Highly specialised:

    My tax consultancy in Hamburg is not a run-of-the-mill consultancy, I have specialised 100% on 4 complex topics: you and your corporate transformation will benefit from this focus.

  • Experience from hundreds of cases:

    I have already successfully accompanied hundreds of company owners planning their successions since 2001.

  • Large professional network for the implementation:

    Legal and banking experts are required, especially in a field as specialised as corporate transformation. As my client, you benefit from my excellent partners.

  • We take the current legal situation into consideration:

    As I consistently carry out corporate transformations for my clients, I am always up-to-date on the current legal situation. Therefore, I can promise that the implementation will be smooth.

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