Clarity and stability.

Through customized strategies.

  • Clarity and stability.

    Through customized strategies.

Business succession, inheritance and succession planning.

You can’t predict the future. But you can prepare yourself for it.

In family-owned companies, in particular, making the right preparations is essential to ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership later on down the line. For this, many things need to be taken into consideration:

  • Who is to continue the management of your company/your life’s work?
  • To what degree will the company be able to bear the payment of mandatory shares in the estate?
  • What happens if no family member wants to take over the running of the company?
  • How will family members be able to retain the company?
  • To what extent are there measures in place to protect employees’ livelihoods?
  • How can a business enterprise prevail without its visionary?

These and more questions need to be examined and clarified as early as possible.

Ideally, a company owner will arrange his/her succession at between the age of 40 and 55. This arrangement should then be adjusted every five years according to the market, the company situation, and the situations of all those affected. This is the only way to find options that cover all eventualities.

Working together with the inheritance law specialists from my network, I will find a solution, taking into account the tax and legal possibilities that the law of succession allows. Should family circumstances be unresolved, I can provide a competent mediator from among my trusted partners.

The aim of mediation is to seek out the opportunities and paths that are best for you, your family and your company – and pay off for all involved.

Business transformations.

I can advise you on all types of transformation, be it internal transformation or a transformation involving third parties.

Thanks to my expertise, my dedication and my many years of experience, I can guarantee you highly reliable, top quality advisory services in this area. The transformation of a company is a complex undertaking and therefore not to be taken lightly. Implementing such a measure successfully requires an in-depth analysis of the company’s status quo and a keen awareness for what that company’s future path should be.

The need for a business transformation can arise for a variety of reasons, for instance

  • company pension schemes
  • limitations on liability
  • supervisory bodies
  • implementing a uniform European management standard by becoming a societas Europaea
  • succession planning
  • management buy outs
  • and much more

Depending on what you are planning, my aim is not to offer you an array of different products and services. Rather, my objective is to find precisely the right combination for you and your company. To do this, I need to collect information and familiarize myself with the situation as a whole. And of course, I also need to get to know you.

Our common goal will ultimately be to increase the company’s value while reducing its tax burden, and to do so to the satisfaction of all involved, including of course your own. Or, to put it another way: to create something better than what went before.

“Being a tech entrepreneur in a highly regulated foreign country has it’s own demands and challenges. Mr. Breit’s excellent advice and financial network has been a great support through this adventurous journey. I highly recommend Mr. Thomas Breit for german startup’s and businessmen.”

Sowmya Thyagarajan, Foviatech GmbH

Review and half-yearly accounts.

Running a good tax consultancy is about more than overseeing taxes.

Availing of the continuous advice and support of a tax consultancy keeps you abreast of things and ensures that you are optimally prepared for all eventualities.

And by having semi-annual as opposed to annual accounts prepared, you can avoid important decisions accumulating over the entire year. This approach moreover gains you time and flexibility, also in terms of your collaboration with banks and your obligations vis-à-vis the tax office.

The advantages of a review, in turn, are that it helps you create opportunities, correct decisions and optimize strategies. Or, to put it another way: learning from the past, ensures that you are well-equipped for the future.

Classic tax consultancy services.

Well-looked after, across the board.

Bookkeeping and payroll accounting are not part of my own personal repertoire. I do however work in close partnership with an excellent self-employed bookkeeper, who I can place at your disposal. Please don’t hesitate to contact me regarding classic tax consultancy services.

„Over last days, thanks to a business opportunity, I had the luck and the chance to work with Mr. Breit.“

Dario Castiglioni

Conformity and creativity.

Business success is about balancing the two.

Customer relations isn’t the only complexity-ridden area a company has to manage well to succeed. The owning family itself, the degree of entrepreneurial courage and of innovative spirit within the company, and the company’s collaboration with banks and with the tax office also play a crucial role. And because all aforementioned areas are mutually interdependent, on both active and passive levels, they must be kept in balance in order for the company to maintain stability over the long term. I have made it my mission to help companies achieve this balance at as low a cost as possible.


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