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My work approach.

Expertise and ability are nothing without the human factor.

Indeed, who understands better than you that trust and fairness are the basis of business success? Succession planning, business transformations and classic tax consultancy work, by their nature, require clients to divulge important professional and private information. With Thomas Breit Steuerberater, you can rest assured that your case will be treated with the utmost discretion, data security, empathy and personal dedication.

My service

Who doesn’t like to be one step ahead of the rest?

I began digitalizing my business processes back in 2011, becoming entirely paper-free in 2015. Since then, all my work with and for clients and tax offices has been performed on a paperless basis. As such, Thomas Breit Steuerberater fulfils all the requirements on the “Steuerberatung 2020” agenda (www.bstbk.de) – even exceeding many of the criteria – and is therefore considered to be ahead of its time as regards modern work practices.

Naturally, you are welcome to submit your documents in paper form. We will then assume the task of digitalizing them.

A further consultancy service is the “news blog”, a platform I regularly use to keep clients abreast of my publications and of relevant developments in pertinent fields. I am of course at your service during normal office hours as well as around-the clock in emergencies. Should you be unable to reach me immediately, just leave a message and I will get in touch straight away.

“The Hamburg-based tax consultant Thomas Breit is the fifth tax consultant I’ve worked with in my 28 years of self-employment. I’ve been a client of his for 5 years now. After having endured numerous negative experiences with tax consultants, I finally found in him a true partner: not just a tax clerk, but a real advisor able to scrutinize a company and see things from its perspective, and to then develop sound strategic proposals.”

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My background.

Practice makes perfect.

My path to becoming a tax consultant and expert for succession planning and business transformations began in 1995, when I became a self-employed bookkeeping and business consultant. I followed this up with a 2-year stint at an auditing and accounting firm, where I specialized in succession planning and business transformations. Then in 2006, after qualifying as a registered tax consultant and with the support of numerous clients from previous years, I founded the tax consultancy Thomas Breit Steuerberater.

As far as my private life goes, I live in Hamburg together with my wife and five children. Whenever I have any free time outside of my work and my family, I like to spend it reading English literature, trying my hand at cooking, exercising or enjoying the great outdoors.

Concerning me: Read my counterstatement on a disparagement protected by internet anonymity.

Cooperative partnerships and interfaces.

Stronger together.

While one person alone cannot be a master of all crafts, he can be part of a masterpiece. To achieve the best possible results for my clients, I work within a network of renowned firms and companies. This enables me to work not only all over Germany, but also for international companies and clients.