Tax CMS for your company:

Legal certainty in tax issues is only one of many benefits

  • Tax CMS for your company:

    Legal certainty in tax issues is only one of many benefits

What is Tax CMS (in a nut shell)?

. C stands for Compliance. M stands for Management. Tax CMS is the abbreviation for Tax Compliance Management System.

It refers to a control system that you use to carry out your tax processes and to define the corresponding work proceduress.

That means: You make a list with the tax guidelines you implement on your employees and yourself, and how the internal processes for tax matters shall be organised (Who does what? And when?)

Tax CMS thus consists of step-by-step processes in your company to ensure tax laws are applied properly.

Release from liability, more profit, preventing criminal proceedings—the reasons that speak in favour of Tax CMS

Nobody introduces such an internal tax control system in their company just for the sake of it. On the contrary: It offers entrepreneurs and managing directors lots of benefits…

Managing director’s release from liability: An appropriate and effective Tax CMS tends to release the managing director from liability vis-à-vis the tax authority.

More profit by optimising processes: A Tax CMS defines clear, unambiguous and structured internal processes. While drawing up and reviewing you processes, they are all optimised and more efficiently designed.

Preventing criminal tax proceedings: If a mistake is made in the declaration of operating profits, the authorities usually assume attempted tax evasion. If a Tax CMS is in place, this is not necessarily the case.

Fulfilling the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP): An effective Tax CMS automatically covers GAAP compliance.

How do I proceed when implementing a Tax CMS for your company?

A three-phase implementation has paid off for my clients in the past. This approach means you have more planning security and ensures that you implement the points that you really need.

Phase 1—Analysis: In this phase, it is my intention to understand how your company works and to familiarise myself with and document your work processes.

Phase 2—Implementation: This phase comprises workshops with the managing director and/or employees concerning the entire process planning (in particular if work processes need to be changed), writing down your company culture, describing your main and ancillary programmes as well as linking the work processes with the statutory provisions. You could say: “The Tax CMS is born”.

Optional: Phase 3—Control: If you wish, I can accompany you and your company in the initial weeks and months of the implementation. This ensures that the new work processes are compliant with the legal stipulations.

Tax CMS in the 21st century: Digitalise accounting at zero cost

Did you know that you can implement your Tax CMS 100% digitally and that you can switch your accounts to digital accounting at (almost) no extra cost?

Doing so is highly recommendable because by digitally transforming your company, you can practically refinance your new Tax CMS in its entirety. That means the investment in the digital Tax CMS pays off within just one year. You get:

  • Radical process acceleration:

    Your employees need less time for the same work.

  • Future-proof business structures:

    The more effective your company works, the better your position in the future.

  • Enhancing competitiveness:

    Digitalisation immediately increases the value of your enterprise manifold. Business calculation models clearly show this.

  • Organising succession:

    It is a proven fact that it is easier to hand over a digitalised business. This is especially important for today’s younger “Facebook generation”.

How long does it take to implement? How much does Tax CMS cost?

The time needed to implement Tax CMS varies from one week (small company) to up to three years (large mid cap companies with several hundred employees) – at least when the beneficial digital transformation is to be implemented at the same time.

Sole proprietor company:
Flat rate: EUR 3,500 net

1-3 employees:
Flat rate: EUR 6,500 net

From 4 employees:
Decreasing hourly rate of EUR 380 (net per hour) depending on the scope of the implementation.

*Upfront payment entitles you to 2% discount on the final invoice amount.


How you benefit from working with Steuerberatung Breit

  • We take the current legal situation into consideration:

    As I also consistently monitor Tax CMS for my clients, I am always up-to-date on the current legal situation. Therefore, I can promise that the implementation will be smooth.

  • Experience from hundreds of cases:

    I have already successfully implemented and installed Tax CMS for hundreds of businesses. My methods and work has already paid off for a multitude of clients.

  • Safety with the three-phase model:

    You do not buy the proverbial pig in a poke. My three-phase model ensures you constantly have price certainty and the costs remain highly transparent.

  • My business is 100% digital:

    I live what I sell. I turned my company into a pioneer already back in 2011 by completely digitalising it. That means that my work with my employees is completely paper-free.

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