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Digitalisation, succession planning and corporate transformation.

With me at your side.

Clarifying complex tax matters, deciphering complex company structures, finding effective solutions: these are the areas I specialise in, both as a tax consultant and as an individual.  Providing expert advice isn’t just about possessing in-depth knowledge and long-standing experience, but also about empathy and intuition.

Whether you are a sole proprietor, a small business, a medium-sized company, SME or a large corporation, my tax consultancy and my network of partners are at your disposal— providing expert advice on matters of both a national and international nature.

Areas of specialization

  • Business succession and inheritance planning
  • Family strategies and mediation
  • Corporate transformations
  • Reviews and half-yearly accounts
  • Classic tax advisory services

The cornerstones of my tax consultancy

  • Fully digitalized, paperless work processes
  • A prime location in Hamburg’s city center
  • Membership of an international network of experts
  • Round-the-clock availability and a strongly service-oriented mindset

About my team

A lot of expertise in a small team

Instead of working with a large team, Thomas Breit Tax Services is a highly specialised team of three – comprising the tax assistants, Tita Lindy Stock and Marcel Krause, together with the tax advisor, Thomas Breit. This team of three works as one and in close collaboration with our network partners throughout Germany and abroad for our clients. And we are consistently available. Please feel free to contact us. We look forward to your call.

Insights and outlooks.

The big picture.

My areas of work are often interrelated. Sometimes, for example, the best succession planning solution will involve the transformation, transfer of possession, or sale of a company. A transformation can, in turn, have repercussions for a company’s management structure and succession planning. Succession planning for a family-owned company may, in turn again, require mediation services. And sometimes the mediation process itself opens up a whole host of new paths and possibilities.

In my role as tax consultant, it is essential that I keep abreast of each change that occurs, always maintaining a detailed overview of the situation in question. Moreover, the complex cases I deal with require me to conduct comprehensive financial examinations, comply with the pertinent legal provisions, and exercise professional prudence and personal diligence.

I have made the intricate world of financial and tax consultancy my vocation, and know just how to navigate it to your advantage.

“You can’t manage a company based on tax considerations alone. What you need is a comprehensive system that takes all needs into account, that is as much geared to driving the company forward into the future as it is to covering the requirements of any heirs. It needs to work for all involved.”

Thomas Breit, Tax Consultant