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Pay an effective tax rate of 1.5% or less

With our strategic tax structuring and tax planning, we help medium-sized companies reduce their tax payments and maximize their tax advantages.

Proactive planning and concepts for long-standing success

We work exclusively with German and European legal entities that are subject to taxation in Germany. We can ensure you pay tax of 1.5% and less only by applying German law.

German law in place of dubious tax havens

We work exclusively with German and European legal entities that are subject to taxation in Germany. We can ensure you pay tax of 1.5% and less only by applying German law.

Strategic tax structuring and tax planning: Our area of expertise

Tax consults for corporate law issues

Regardless of whether your company is a stock corporation (AG), limited liability company (GmbH) or any other legal form, we are happy to help you develop a legally sound and individual concept to optimize your tax payments. We do not rely on standard solutions, instead addressing your specific company situation and developing a tailor-made solution.

Tax consultant for company transformation

It is crucial to carefully consider both the tax and business aspects before transforming a business. Our main objective is not only to help you evaluate the current legal form of your company and find the appropriate business structure, but also to help you effectively reduce tax payments and costs.

Tax consultant for inheritance tax

Challenging tax situations can arise especially when entrepreneurs are faced with complex family circumstances (patchwork families, children born out of marriage, etc.). When planning your inheritance tax situation, we take your specific family circumstances into account by developing solutions that minimize your tax burden while distributing and protecting your assets in the best possible way.

Tax consultant for gift tax

We aim to optimally structure gift tax by designing your business and private assets in such a way that the lowest possible inheritance or gift tax is due when the assets are transferred. We do this by using our comprehensive expertise in the areas of inheritance law, company law and gift tax law in order to develop strategies that reduce tax burdens to a minimum.

Tax consultant for real estate

If you have substantial real estate assets, you know that you may be faced with complex tax challenges in this respect, especially when transferring those assets. As specialized tax advisors for large real estate portfolios, we help you to successfully manage such tax issues.

Tax consultant for international tax law

Whether you are seeking to optimize your tax structure, ensure that you comply with international tax law or find solutions for complex cross-border tax issues – we are your reliable partner, ensuring your success at an international level.

Company succession planning

Our company succession planning helps you to develop a solid and well thought-out strategy to smoothly transfer your company. We support you with our expert knowledge enabling you to successfully master the succession process.

Thomas Breit

  • Experte für Steueroptimierung
  • Erfahrung aus 3.500 Mandanten
  • Steuerberater seit 2006

These companies and persons have benefitted from our expertise in the area of tax structuring and tax planning


Have you been running your company for more than 5 years?


Do you generate a sustainable profit in excess of EUR 500,000 per annum?


Are you selling your company and need a reliable tax plan?


Do you have real estate assets in excess of EUR 10 million?


Do you earn more than EUR 1 million per year gross?

Working with Thomas Breit Tax Services – our process






Duration: depends on how quickly we receive your documents

  • Completed questionnaire
  • Initial meeting with Thomas Breit
  • Contracts signed
  • Prepayment net EUR 20,000 (paid)
  • Cloud set up
  • All documents uploaded in full


Duration: 14 days

  • Analysis of the situation at the outset
  • Summary review
  • Determine: “The path to the goal”
  • Fee plan
  • Project plan


Duration: 6-18 months (max. 36 months)

Individual measures (as a non-binding example):

  • Tax structuring concept
  • Company and commercial law concept
  • Annual financial statements
  • Tax balance sheet
  • Closing tax balance sheet
  • Company valuation
  • Contract template (draft)
  • Obtain binding statement from the tax office
  • Opening balance sheet(s) (civil law)
  • Opening balance sheet(s) (tax law)
  • Notarial deeds (draft)
  • Present draft contracts to lawyers
  • Implementation

The activities stated above may not be relevant for your project. The appropriate activities will be decided in your project plan.