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Hidden profit distribution: This leads to you or your company being liable to prosecution

Are you aware of the threat of a so-called hidden profit distribution? Or to put it differently: Have you ever received funds or benefits from your GmbH that a third party would not have received? If you have answered the second question with yes, you might have already committed a criminal offence. Unplanned benefits, such […]


Death of a company owner: What happens to your business?

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your business in the event of your death? Will it be dissolved or will the shares be passed on to your heirs? Again and again entrepreneurs come to me with these questions. When it comes to company succession in particular, there is a lot of uncertainty. Understandably, many entrepreneurs […]

Silent partner: A great way to get fresh capital or an expensive mistake?

Are you a business owner looking for more capital to grow your company? Perhaps you don’t want to take out a bank loan and are wondering if a silent partner would be a good alternative for you? My personal opinion: Yes, getting a silent partner on board can be a good idea. But only if you […]

GmbH laufende Kosten

Change of legal form: These recurring costs are to be expected in a GmbH limited liability company

Are you a sole proprietor or the majority partner in a general (OHG) or limited partnership (KG)? Have you been considering changing the legal form of your business to a GmbH, but do not know what recurring costs to expect? Does this raise doubts or concerns that all the advantages of a GmbH could be […]

GmbH oder UG - Unterschied

GmbH or UG: What is the difference?

Are you a successful sole proprietor and are now ready to take the next step in your entrepreneurial career? Are you thinking about changing the legal form of your company and would like to improve your image or limit your liability? Then you are probably faced with the following decision: Should you convert your sole proprietorship […]