Realitätscheck: Steuern bei einer GmbH

Reality check: How much do you really pay in taxes for a limited liability company?

I often see figures in business plans that are completely up in the air and which thus present business owners with a tax problem: The payments that the company will actually have to make in the future will bring the owner crashing back down to earth in future years. In the worst case, such “pie-in-the-sky” […]

Profit sharing between shareholders: What you should be aware of

As a shareholder of a limited liability company, you are generally entitled to have your profit shares paid out after the end of a profitable business year. That may be easy if you are the sole shareholder. You get all the profits. But what happens if there is more than one shareholder? Are you worried […]

Knowledge for business owners: Do you have to keep all employees when taking over a business?

When you want to take over another company, the employees are often the ones that can tip the scales in one direction or another. Most buyers would prefer to get rid of unprofitable employees and keep profitable ones. But is it as easy as that for you as a business owner? In this post, we […]


Taking over a limited liability company – when is it worth the risk?

Taking over a company rather than setting up your own one sounds like an attractive proposition for shareholders, yet there are both advantages and disadvantages to be had here for you as a shareholder. What I would like to do in the following post is give you an idea of what you should consider when […]

Vor- und Nachteile einer Holding

Holdings: When are they an advantage, and when do they pose a risk for limited liability companies?

At first glance a tempting idea for many entrepreneurs: to control several companies under one holding. But is it really that simple? In addition to many advantages of forming a holding, this also bears risks that the owner will have to bear in mind. In this post, I will discuss whether these risks outweigh the […]