Tax consultant for inheritance tax: Your partner for legally watertight succession planning

  • Save millions in taxes thanks to clever tax and succession planning
  • Legal certainty for you, your partner, children and other loved ones
  • Protect your life’s work from a high tax burden

Thomas Breit

  • Expert for tax optimization
  • Experience with 3,500 mandates
  • Tax consultant since 2006

Our services as tax consultants for inheritance tax

Setting up a family holding company

We can help you design and set up a family holding company. This particular company structure will allow you to manage and structure your family assets efficiently and with the lowest possible tax burden, helping you to accumulate assets over time and to efficiently manage the existing assets.

Making gifts without having to pay gift tax

Our tax consultancy has extensive expertise in gift tax and can devise concepts for gifts within the family that are subject to minimal or even no gift tax at all. We can provide you with in-depth advice on the legal and tax-related requirements for efficiently transferring assets within the family and without incurring a high tax burden.

Combining tax structuring aspects with inheritance and succession planning

We are highly conscious of how strongly tax structuring on the one hand and inheritance and succession planning on the other are interlinked. Therefore, we will develop a holistic strategy that takes account of your individual needs and objectives. We will ensure that your asset transfer will be carried out in the best possible way with regard to taxes.

We do not offer the following services

Providing answers to individual unrelated questions

We do not provide answers to isolated and individual tax questions. Our specialty lies in providing holistic tax structuring and tax planning for companies with complex requirements and need for strategic action.

Order volume of less than EUR 20,000

Our tax consultancy services in the field of inheritance tax are specifically targeted at companies and natural persons and subject to a minimum order volume of EUR 20,000. From this order volume upwards, we can develop bespoke solutions and provide your company with a significant tax advantage.

How can you benefit from our tax consultancy services for inheritance tax planning?

Especially wealthy estates can lead to complex tax issues where our experience and know-how can play a central role in efficiently planning and designing your inheritance.


Valuation of assets that are not easy to value

The value of certain assets, such as companies or real estate, may be difficult to determine. As tax consultants for inheritance tax planning we have a wealth of experience in carrying out valuations and can therefore determine the exact value and minimize the tax burden.


Legally sound solutions for patchwork families and children born outside of marriage

If the family structures are very complex, inheritance tax can become even more complicated. We can help you design concepts to optimally provide for your family, ensuring that your property is divided in accordance with your wishes while using all the available tax advantages.


Individual family wealth planning

We focus not only on tax issues, but support you in developing a comprehensive family wealth plan. By combining inheritance tax aspects with succession planning we can draw up individual and legally sound plans of action to optimally protect and pass on your assets.

Tax consultant for inheritance tax: Case study


Situation at the outset

Mr. Y. was appointed sole heir of a property worth EUR 1 million by an architect who was neither related to him by blood nor by marriage. Given his poor health he decided to gift the property to his children straight away. The inheritance tax had to be determined in order to find the optimal solutions in terms of taxes.

How did we solve the issue?

We used a strategic approach to reduce inheritance tax, managing to achieve massive inheritance tax benefits by communicating transparently and closely with the tax authorities.


What advantages does this have?

Reduce the inheritance tax significantly

Instead of the original estimate of EUR 150,000, the inheritance tax that was actually paid after our tax structuring measures amounted to just EUR 60,000. The family saved a large amount of taxes and the asset was safely transferred to the next generation.

Common questions regarding Thomas Breit Tax Services

What does the consultation cost?

My consulting services are billed by the hour (Thomas Breit: EUR 580 net/hour, employee: EUR 380 net/hour). The analysis and your objectives will determine which concept is the best fit for your needs. The total cost of implementing this chosen concept will depend on the actual amount of time needed for the implementation. An advance of EUR 20,000 plus statutory VAT is payable when the order is placed (equivalent to the minimum fee). This advance is enough to finance the smallest project. A cost-benefit analysis always comes before concept and implementation.

My fees are generally financed by the tax savings you achieve. The return on investment is between six months and no more than two years.

Additional costs may be incurred for court fees, notary costs and an expert for corporate law, depending on the project.

Can I work together with my own lawyer/notary?

We can of course work together with your usual partners. Should you need experts, we have a good network of corporate law experts and notaries.

Do I have to transfer my entire mandate to Thomas Breit Tax Services?

No, we only work on a project basis. We do not offer any financial or payroll accounting as we are highly specialized. In some cases, however, it makes sense for us to prepare your annual financial statements incl. tax returns for the years around the restructuring. We will then return these tasks to your tax consultant and draw attention to the particulars.

Has there ever been a case of poor advice being given?

No, never. 3,500 cases in 23 years – no slip ups.

How long does it take to develop a concept?

Developing a concept can take between three and eighteen months, depending on the project. In rare cases, it may take as many as three years to implement a concept.

Will you answer my other tax questions?

Yes and no.We are basically able to answer any questions concerning tax law. However, many of these questions can be answered just as well by other tax consultants with lower hourly rates, which is why we recommend you retain your usual tax consultant for such questions.


Why can’t other tax consultants do what you do?

My expertise covers every legal aspect of civil law, such as private law, company law, commercial law, international tax law, inheritance law and much more. In a way, you can compare it to a general practitioner who knows about the heart but is not able to perform heart surgery. I am the cardiologist among tax consultants and my specialty lies in providing comprehensive advice that goes beyond tax law itself.