Company transformation the right way:

With economic and tax benefits

  • Company transformation the right way:

    With economic and tax benefits

When and why should you change your company’s legal form?

Are you contemplating whether your company’s legal form is the right one? Are you a sole proprietor and feel the business is getting too big for the liability risks and now want a limited liability company (GmbH)? The decision-makers in your company have changed and you need a new structure?

There may be lots of reasons in favour of a corporate transformation. It is important that you pay attention to tax and business considerations before making the decision on transforming the company. Therefore, I have specialised in offering advice on the right enterprise type for you.

The most common reasons for corporate transformation in Germany

  • Image: You require the safe appearance of a corporation.
  • Retirement provisions: You want to make the most of 5 additional ways to make retirement provisions.
  • Limiting liability: You want to reduce the risks.
  • Implementing business succession: You want to make sensible arrangements for the next generation.
  • Planning and organising inheritance tax: You want to provide your successor with the best possible starting opportunities.
  • Acquiring interests in other companies in Germany and/or abroad: You need a new legal form for particular challenges.
  • Saving tax I: You want to make use of trade tax reductions for own property.
  • Saving tax II: You want to reduce income tax by offsetting trade tax.
  • Separating private and business: You wish to separate profit and salary.
  • Changing owner structures: You are planning to set up a family holding or family enterprise.

By implementing the right corporate transformation, you can make changes to the business internally and externally without any detrimental impact on tax.

Retirement provision, simplification, security—the right legal form automatically has many benefits

Did you know that choosing the right legal form for your enterprise may already bring some positive changes to your daily business? The right form is more than just a couple of letters in your company name. The right corporate transformation automatically brings the following benefits:

  • Best possible retirement provision
  • Higher net income due to sustainable tax benefits thanks to more efficient taxation
  • Protection for your company name through commercial register entry
  • Less administrative efforts due to simplification and less formalism
  • Improved image due to respectable impression and increased awareness

How does corporate transformation with Thomas Breit work?

A corporate transformation is either based on your direct request or we recognise the need during consultation. A rash decision is never taken, we take time to review and reflect the situation closely.

Step 1: You receive a sketch regarding the pros and cons of the desired transformation. I pay particular attention to showing you all the changes involved rather than concentrating only on the solutions.

Step 2: You receive a full cost and price estimate. That means: I not only forecast the costs involved for my work but also the costs involved for the lawyers, notary, court costs and taxes etc.

Step 3: In a mutual meeting, I explain the possible solutions to you and we discuss which result best fits your wishes and objectives.

Step 4: I implement your corporate transformation. In doing so, I can guarantee full implementation with my network. You do not have to deal with the lawyers, notaries etc. I will accompany and supervise the entire process.

How you benefit from working with Steuerberatung Breit

  • Highly specialised:

    My tax consultancy in Hamburg is not a run-of-the-mill consultancy, I have specialised 100% on 4 complex topics: you and your corporate transformation will benefit from this focus.

  • Experience from hundreds of cases:

    I have already successfully accompanied hundreds of company owners planning their successions since 2001.

  • Large professional network for the implementation:

    Legal and banking experts are required, especially in a field as specialised as corporate transformation. As my client, you benefit from my excellent partners.

  • We take the current legal situation into consideration:

    As I consistently carry out corporate transformations for my clients, I am always up-to-date on the current legal situation. Therefore, I can promise that the implementation will be smooth.

Are you interested in consultation for your corporate transformation? How to contact us

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