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Our team grew in 2020 and we basically outgrew our previous office premises, which is why we are now working from three different sites.


At this site, our advisory work focuses on company succession, corporate transformation, tax CMS and digitalization, while the team is also in charge of all our company’s administrative matters.

Thomas Breit
Thomas Breit

Owner and managing director

Miryam Breit

Management Assistant – Head of Marketing

Grit Lambeck

Management Assistant – Human Resources and Accounting

Am Kaiserkai 69, 20457 Hamburg

Project Team

This site is responsible for planning and designing tax concepts, in particular in connection with corporate transformation and property succession. Our customers include wealthy individuals, medium-sized companies and family-run corporations.

Pascal Gaudin

Team Manager

Am Kaiserkai 69, 20457 Hamburg

Tax Team

This team is in charge of preparing annual financial statements and tax returns for medium-sized companies, asset management companies and wealthy clients. Please contact the members of this team for all questions surrounding tax issues. From 1 July 2021, the Tax Team will be located at Ballindamm 39.

Training Centre

The team, headed by Ilona Krieger, is responsible for providing training to our staff in the fields of business management, financial accounting, payroll accounting, tax returns and annual financial statements. Furthermore, this is where we prepare the annual financial statements for small and medium-sized companies and, in consultation with the Tax Team, provide assistance in tax matters.

Ilona Krieger

Team Manager

Svea Rohanka


Leon Pläsier


Elaine Föllmer


Stadthausbrücke 8, 20355 Hamburg

Your advantages when working with Thomas Breit Steuerberatung

  • Specialising in Tax CMS, Digitalisation, Transformation, Succession:

    My tax consultancy in Hamburg is not a run-of-the-mill consultancy, I have specialised 100% on 4 complex topics: you and your corporate transformation will benefit from this focus.

  • Experience from hundreds of cases:

    I have already successfully accompanied hundreds of company owners planning their successions since 2001.

  • Large professional network for the implementation:

    Legal and banking experts are required, especially in a field as specialised as corporate transformation. As my client, you benefit from my excellent partners.

  • We take the current legal situation into consideration:

    As I consistently carry out corporate transformations for my clients, I am always up-to-date on the current legal situation. Therefore, I can promise that the implementation will be smooth.


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Thomas Breit Steuerberatung
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